What are Colombian girdles used for?

What are Colombian girdles used for?

Have you ever wondered what Colombian girdles are for? You should know that they offer many aesthetic as well as functional benefits, whether you want to slim down or support your back. Today we will talk about all their advantages and how to achieve faster and more lasting results with the use of girdles.

What are Colombian girdles used for?

They are the ideal garments if you are looking to…

  • Sculpt the body
  • Reduce measurements in the abdomen, waist, and back
  • Lift the buttocks
  • Combat fluid retention
  • Facilitate recovery after surgeries
  • Provide back support and alleviate lower back pain
  • Improve the condition of the abdomen after pregnancy
  • Correct posture

Are there benefits to wearing a girdle every day?

Of course, it is good to wear a girdle if you want to achieve any of the functions we mentioned before. The important thing is that you know how to do it and when.

The advantages of wearing a girdle are achieved as long as you also adopt a healthy lifestyle. This means that the girdle will not do all the work if you expect to lose weight or reduce measurements permanently. To achieve this, you must also include routines of physical exercises and balanced eating. So the girdle will be an accelerator of results.

However, the benefits of wearing a girdle are not limited to the aesthetic plane; they will also bring about great changes if you suffer from back pain or poor posture.

Is it bad to sleep with a girdle?

At this point, we must say that it depends on which girdle and how accustomed you are to using it. For women who get along very well with the garment, it is good to sleep with a girdle because they see it as a plus when it comes to achieving better results.

But this does not happen with all types of girdles for women. For example, latex garments that are used mainly in the gym are ruled out for sleeping due to their high level of compression. Meanwhile, those for daily use made in Powernet are usually more comfortable.

The most important thing is that you make sure that sleeping with a girdle does not prevent your rest; otherwise, only use them during the day between 6 and 10 hours.

Benefits of Powernet girdles

The best slimming girdles for daily use are made in Powernet, an intelligent fabric with medium or high compression, which helps you shape the body and reduce measurements in different areas. There are body type, short girdle, vest type, or waistband, according to what you want to work on.

It is among the ideal types of girdles for women because it adapts very well to your day-to-day, you can wear it while you are working or at home, it will not generate heat or a feeling of suffocation, and it will show you results from the first use.

Using a Powernet girdle is a must if you want to flatten the abdomen, shape the love handles on hips and back, or lift buttocks.

Next, we will show you the best slimming girdles…

What are the best girdles for sweating?

Since we talked about the benefits of wearing a girdle every day, let's move on to the ideal ones for sweating or doing sports.

Sports girdles are also slimming and some of the ones that promise results more quickly. As women, it is natural that we retain fluid, according to the stage of the menstrual cycle we are in and the type of diet we follow.

This accumulation of fluids is generally reflected in the abdomen, back, or hips. Therefore, using girdles for sweating helps you combat this problem and reduces measurements that do not correspond to fat but to retained fluid.

What are maternity girdles for?

One of the greatest benefits of Colombian girdles is during the maternity stage. It is no secret that, as a result of pregnancy, a woman's body undergoes a series of transformations that leave multiple sequelae, such as abdominal diastasis, which corresponds to the detachment of the skin in the abdomen due to the growth of the baby.

The girdle is the most effective solution for this problem, not to mention that it also favors recovery in the postpartum and the mobility of the mother, which has a positive effect even on her self-esteem.

In this sense, maternity girdles serve to control the entire abdominal area, promote skin firmness, and provide lumbar support, ideal for the breastfeeding stage.

This information also applies if you wonder "what are girdles for after childbirth."

How do I know what size girdle I am?

Knowing the sizes of girdles is fundamental to making a good choice of yours.

The ideal is that you take your measurements with a tape measure:

  1. At the contour height (just below the breasts)
  2. At the waist (where the ribs end)
  3. At the hips (at the thickest part of the buttocks)

Once you have the measurements, compare them with our size chart and choose the corresponding one. Also, you can help yourself with your jean size.

Now you know what girdles are for, you are ready to take advantage of all their benefits.