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What our clients have to say about Silene


The Silene hourglass girdle was the one that made me realize that I do have a waist. It is so comfortable
that I wear it almost every day, with jeans, with dresses and with shorts.

Adeline Joseph
Miami, Florida

I used this short girdle after having tried many others. After having my children, I was very unhappy with my abdomen because I had very flaccid skin and the Silene girdle has helped me a lot. I have been using it for several months now and I really didn't think I would see so many changes.

Adriana Beaulieu
San Antonio, Texas

I love that when I wear it I feel like it adheres to my skin, let's say it's not like wearing normal clothes,
but something that adapts perfectly to my body and that's why you don't notice it at all with dresses or jeans.

Andrea Valle
New Jersey

I dared to wear these shorts because I wanted to wear high rise pants without my tummy showing and it was definitely the best. My problem areas were always my thighs because they are chubby and
when I wore a dress I always had an uncomfortable rubbing between my legs that even irritated me a little, but with the shorts it doesn't happen to me.

Angeline Therard
Charleston, North Carolina

With the Silene bra I have been doing excellent, I hardly use other bras anymore because this one is
extremely comfortable and keeps me upright. I recommend it for those who have had surgery, but
also for those who have large breasts and suffer from back problems.

Christina Bernabe
Richmond, Virginia

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