The surgical compression garments are used not only for post-operative care, but they are also used for body contouring or after pregnancy. As a matter of fact, most of us use them for the purpose of having a high-level compression.

Find out our best post surgery compression garments!

Should I wear a compression garment after lipo?

Of course, you can! These post lipo compression garments are well measured and welcome to your body. It helps you to create the curves that you are looking for. You will be also impressed at the beautiful shape that these compression garments after liposuction are able to create good results.

Do I need a compression garment after tummy tuck?

Absolutely! You can wear it after your tummy tuck. The key to our compression garments is to help control swelling and ease discomfort while you heal.

In other words, the post op tummy tuck compression garment is the one you are going to wake up with after surgery. You will see how this material gives you a lot of stretch, so is very comfortable for those first days.

Right after the course of a couple of weeks, you will see that is too loose to the point where you will have to get another and transition to the stage two.

What’s a stage 2 compression garment tummy tuck

The post surgical compression garments for stage two are a little bit tighter. You will see how this one is not going to stretch nearly as much as the stage one will stretch. You can find more information about our best compression garment after tummy tuck in the following link.

Tummy tuck binder vs compression garment: What’s the best for you?

I want to share with you the difference between binders and a compression garment that you can use as you’re going through different levels of healing. The binder is an elastic wrap-around rectangular band.

This one allows you to have a precise compression of your abdomen after a tummy tuck. It wraps around your body part, it can be tightened or loosened as swelling develops and recedes.

On the other side, the compression garment comes in various styles and are designed to apply firmness. These are usually elastic or spandex, they are more variable when it comes to different type of bodies.

You may know, after lipo, surgeons instruct patients to wear a compression garment for the first two weeks. A brief description below:

  • The straps are adjustable and removable, so it can adapt to you.
  • Its front closure with internal snaps is secure.
  • Due to its strategically located seams, it provides an additional enhancement.
  • The softness of its Lycra inside the garment is great.
  • The zipper is in the intimate area to make it easier when you go to the bathroom.

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How long you should wear a chin liposuction compression garment?

The wrap must be worn for 24/72 hours and then at night for 7/10 days. Of course, you can remove the wrap when you need to take a shower.

The Medical compression garments will help you control drainage and minimize bruising. The idea is to push the skin above. If you don’t wear the medical compression garment, it can create a lot of fluid, and then you may get a seroma, which in other words, is the fluid retention around the area where you did the chin liposuction.

Don’t you worry! Your surgeon can explain much better how this medical garment should be worn.

The importance of lymphedema compression garments

As many of you know, patients affected by lymphedema cases are applied by a trained and certified lymphedema therapist. You may also have to know that once the affected body part is decongested, the patient assumes the responsibility for maintaining and improving the treatment achieved in the phase one.

In phase two, compression sleeves, so stockings, must be worn throughout the day and become part of a patient’s life.

Such as drinking water, skin care or exercises. The compression garments play a major part in this phase of the treatment. They will prevent the fluid retention and preserve the treatment success achieved in the first phase of complete decongestive therapy.

It is very important to understand that a compression garment won’t by itself reduce swelling or edema, and it should not be worn on a swollen extremity.

You should also know that the correct choice of compression garments should be made by a trained person that understands the pathology of lymphedema, so we can avoid or produce poor results.

Many factors should be considered when getting a compression faja such as age, activity level and skin integrity.

How to choose a BBL compression garment?

Here at Silene Fajas, we offer a good quality compression girdle, so you can have a Brazilian butt-lift, also known as BBL.

You essentially have a stage one and a stage two. There is a misconception on what these garments look like, what their function is, when you should put them on. The idea is to clear things up and, most important, that you never go against your surgeon’s instructions.

The hourglass girdle with straps comes with three levels of adjustment in abdomen and shoulders, it can adapt to you. It is stretchy and very easy at the time of using the bathroom because the zipper is in the intimate area.

This is very important when choosing a BBL compression garment. Another thing to take into consideration is the high compression of the powernet that shapes your figure instantly. Plus, its softness of its Lycra inside the garment.

The compression faja that we offer is not any kind of… Ours will keep you snatched. Of course, after surgery you want to be bomb, then you need to be compressed where it needs, and you want to be loose where it needs to be. Our garments will fit properly.

The whole point is that your skin adheres back smoothly, then you can make sure that you are molded back into the shape that you want, and it is a perfect complement to your day to day.

Finally, you can check out how it looks like by clicking in this link.