The Best in Postoperative Girdles

The Best in Postoperative Girdles

Postoperative girdles are a vital ingredient in the success of many surgical procedures, whether aesthetic or not. These garments facilitate recovery, assist with body mobility, and, in many cases, enable better outcomes.

Today we will talk about the best postoperative medical girdles and why they are so important if you are about to undergo surgery.

First, let's talk about what post-surgical girdles are:

Surgical girdles are garments made with intelligent, comfortable, and breathable fabrics that contain the tissue that has been subjected to surgery, in addition to favoring mobility and recovery. They are also a special plus for the healing stage.

When is it advisable to use postoperative medical girdles?

  • For liposuction or liposculpture
  • For abdominoplasty or lipectomy
  • For a cesarean section or natural childbirth
  • For a thigh lift
  • Any other surgery in the abdominal or midsection area

Why is it so important to use girdles after surgery?

After plastic surgery, muscle tissue and skin are greatly affected, especially when it comes to invasive procedures. The use of postoperative girdles for the abdomen or other types promotes their recovery while preventing the accumulation and inflammation of tissue.

Advantages of girdles for after surgery

  • They correct posture
  • They promote healing
  • They prevent fluid retention after surgery
  • They prevent fibrosis
  • They reduce pain in the recovery stage
  • They are invisible under clothing
  • They provide greater mobility and confidence in the patient

Types of girdles for after surgery

There are different types of postoperative girdles, depending on the surgery and the body area that is subjected to intervention, as well as the type of recovery.

Girdles for Abdominal Diastasis

First of all, it is necessary to say that abdominal diastasis consists of the separation of tissue in the abdomen as a consequence of its weakening. This can be caused by abrupt changes such as pregnancy, disproportionate weight gain, or excessive physical effort.

Girdles for abdominal diastasis are usually medium or high compression, generally focusing only on the abdomen area, although they can also be used full body up to mid-leg, to shape the back and hips.

Postoperative Girdles for Liposculpture

Liposculpture is one of the most common surgeries today to eliminate fat deposits in different areas of the body, both surgical and non-invasive.

In this particular procedure, the use of postoperative girdles for liposculpture is almost as fundamental as the medications for recovery, as it has been proven that without using a girdle, the same results are not achieved.

Thus, the use of a good post-surgical girdle can largely guarantee that you achieve the expected results.

Here are some of the most used that will also help you to be comfortable all the time while you achieve your hourglass figure.

If you are also looking for postoperative girdles for hysterectomy, these are for you.

Likewise, you can find girdles for colostomy and girdles for after umbilical hernia surgery, medical-grade and indicated by the specialist for recovery.

Are there postoperative girdles for men?

Of course! The benefits of post-abdominal surgery girdles are for both women and men, however, the dimensions and materials with which they are made tend to vary.

The Best Body Control Girdles

Once the recovery stage is over, to maintain the results of the surgery, you can help yourself with body control girdles. What are their benefits?

  • They reduce the waist
  • They flatten the abdomen
  • They correct posture
  • They are invisible under clothing
  • Comfortable for everyday use

It is important to clarify that one of the greatest advantages of postoperative girdles for abdominoplasty or other types is that you can use them even after you have recovered. For this reason, you must ensure that they are comfortable enough for you to use them daily for several hours, which will allow you to maintain and see better results after the intervention.

So, postoperative girdles in Mexico City or wherever you are will be an investment in your daily comfort.

Other Girdles for Abdominoplasty and Liposuction, After Recovery

We do not want to leave without first clarifying that: the type of post-surgical plastic girdles, the choice of size, and the appropriate period to use them after a surgical intervention, should always be indicated by a specialist in the field, preferably the treating physician during surgery.