Back Girdles Ideal for Preventing Lumbar Pain

Back Girdles Ideal for Preventing Lumbar Pain

These back girdles are used even more than those with aesthetic purposes. Why? Because they are an ideal solution for lumbar conditions.

Nowadays, it is increasingly common to suffer from back pain, considering that 80% of smart device users do not take the necessary precautions to take care of our posture. We spend long hours with our backs hunched or in a bad position, which ends up producing the strongest back and cervical pain.

Should you change this habit? Yes. Is there something that can help you? Yes, precisely the girdles for correcting posture.

What should you know about girdles for back pain?

Girdles for straightening the spine, (also known as posture-improving girdles) are a fundamental tool in our day-to-day and a bodily reminder of the position we must maintain to avoid pain or even injuries.

Generally, lumbar girdles come in different designs according to the area of the back you want to work on and can have other benefits when lifting weights or making sudden movements, as they serve as a protective barrier.

Likewise, there are orthopedic lumbar girdles for women that include aesthetic advantages, as they make us look slimmer, reduce waist size, or even lift the buttocks.

When talking about girdles for correcting hunched posture, those that cover the entire breast area and up to the middle back are recommended, such as the posture-correcting bra, which is also ideal for women with a large bust who, due to the weight on their chest, tend to keep their backs hunched, generating a small hump over time.

Thus, a good posture girdle should allow you to be comfortable all the time, without feeling that staying upright is a nuisance.

Did you know that girdles for straightening the spine can make you look taller?

Yes, as strange as it may seem, when you keep your back hunched and your neck tilted, your height is affected, and therefore, you look shorter. This is reversible as long as you take measures in time and do not wait to have a small hump on your back.

Better hurry up and look for the best girdles for the spine!

How to choose your posture-correcting girdle?

Make sure that your back posture girdles are made with intelligent, soft-touch, and high-quality fabrics. If they are garments that you plan to wear practically every day, they should not generate heat or hurt your skin or leave marks.

Likewise, posture girdles have other advantages that you can take advantage of. Analyze which one will suit you if you also want to lift your buttocks or reduce your waist.

This is one of our most carried women's posture girdles, which also shapes the fat around the hips and back.

For emergencies in the face of severe back pain, you can resort to a pharmacy lumbar girdle, but you would not have guaranteed its durability or the way it could affect your skin for daily use.

Are there various types of posture girdles?

Yes, there are also different posture-correcting girdles for women and men that vary according to the area of the back where you need more reinforcement. Here are some of the most common:

  • Reinforced sacrolumbar girdle
  • Girdles for scoliosis
  • Girdles for hernias
  • Girdles for deviated spine
  • Dorsolumbar girdle

Other types of girdles with rods provide extra support for both the dorsal area of the spine (middle back) and the lumbar (lower back, near the pelvis).

That's our powernet vest, which as you can see, has good supports both at the low level and near the shoulders. It goes well with any type of outfit, keeps the back upright all the time, and is not uncomfortable at all.

That's why one of our customers' favorite orthopedic girdles for women! Ideal if you do office work in prolonged positions or even for strenuous jobs.

Continuing with the theme of orthopedic back girdles, to achieve good results and keep the entire lumbar area healthy, it is essential to combine their use with proper habits, as well as to take care of positions.

It's no secret that as the years go by, we are increasingly affected by bad postures both when sleeping and when connected to devices. But also, the way we get out of bed or even how we bend down, without considering that sudden movements have consequences.

If you are looking for orthopedic lumbar girdles, these tips will serve you well:

  • Don't wait for pain to appear to take action, prevention is key
  • Exercise regularly
  • Be aware of how you walk and what position your back adopts
  • Pay attention to the quality of your mattress
  • Watch your weight

The fact of using orthopedic girdles for the spinal column will help you relieve pain and improve your posture, but if you combine their use with a change of habits for your health, you will achieve long-term changes and can completely forget about back pain.

Specifically, for orthopedic girdles for men, they are recommended for carrying out weight-bearing activities, both in daily life and in physical exercise.

Girdles for Lumbago

It is said that more than 80% of people will suffer from back pain throughout their lives. Lumbago is an injury in the lower area that causes muscle stiffness, decreased movement, and intense pain. An excellent solution is the lumbosacral girdle that maintains the appropriate level of compression, corrects posture, and relieves pain.

It is recommended for prolonged periods of 4 hours a day, as long as there is no major injury, in which case a doctor should be consulted.

Among our lumbar column girdles, we have the powernet waist girdle that acts specifically on the lumbosacral area (lower back) and stylizes the entire area, it is extremely comfortable and goes unnoticed under clothes.

Another ideal lumbar support girdle for daily use is our classic shaping bodysuit which, while acting on the waist, hips, and buttocks, also helps to keep the back upright with the exact level of compression so that everything stays in place.

It is important to add that back girdles are an ideal complement to prevent injuries, however, you should have the approval of a professional if it is a more complex health problem.