Postpartum Girdles Made in Colombia

Postpartum Girdles Made in Colombia

When searching for postpartum girdles, you must consider their quality, manufacturing material, and how much you'll be able to use them after recovery. Today, we will introduce you to the best references to aid your mobility after giving birth or undergoing a cesarean section.

Why use a postpartum girdle?

The postpartum girdle is highly recommended by health specialists for a good reason. It's a garment that helps strengthen areas weakened by pregnancy, such as the abdomen, pelvic floor, lower and middle back, and pelvis.

Both cesarean and vaginal birth postpartum girdles are essential for a quicker and less traumatic recovery.

Some benefits of postpartum girdles include:

Reducing postpartum pain:

Colombian postpartum girdles provide the right level of compression to support the abdomen and back, which helps reduce pain and prevent tissue inflammation.

Facilitating the repositioning of the uterus:

As we know, the uterus expands many times its normal size during pregnancy and must return to its natural condition after childbirth. Maternity girdles aid this process and speed it up.

Promoting better healing:

Specifically for cesarean sections, full postpartum girdles allow for better healing by keeping the area protected and the wound closed. Porous fabric girdles that allow proper skin breathing are highly recommended.

Providing greater mobility:

During a time of significant bodily changes, any movement can be uncomfortable. However, post-cesarean girdles significantly reduce discomfort, which also makes caring for the newborn easier.

Are pregnancy girdles the same as postpartum girdles?

No, each serves different functions and characteristics. Pregnancy girdles are adapted to the belly's growth for use during some pregnancy months to alleviate hip and back pain.

On the other hand, a postpartum girdle compresses the abdomen to help it return to its normal state.

Types of girdles for after childbirth:

There are various postpartum girdles, differing based on the type of birth (cesarean or vaginal) and coverage.

There are full-coverage cesarean girdles, from shoulders to below the knees, usually with medium compression and medical-grade.

In contrast, normal postpartum girdles have higher compression and can be used in everyday life after recovery.

When and how to girdle after childbirth?

This step should be discussed with your doctor, as each body has different needs after childbirth. Some wait to use a maternity girdle towards the end of the quarantine period, while others may start using it immediately.

In any case, be careful when putting on and taking off the girdle so as not to affect the sutures (if you had a cesarean).

Postpartum girdles for everyday use after recovery:

Can any girdle be used as a pregnancy girdle?

No, not every girdle is suitable for pregnancy. Ideally, you should use one specifically designed for this purpose, which adapts to your belly's growth, provides lumbar support, and doesn't press on your abdomen. The same applies to cesarean girdles.

It's important to note that post-cesarean girdles (also known as aesthetic cesarean girdles) should be recommended and approved by your doctor, based on the characteristics of the birth and your recovery needs.

Using girdles after childbirth is one of the quickest ways to feel like you're back in your body, despite pregnancy changes. Hence, it's a common practice.

The best postpartum girdles are those that help you regain your pre-pregnancy condition, are comfortable enough for daily wear, and, when combined with proper nutrition and exercise routines, can help you lose weight and firm up the abdominal area.

Especially, girdles for after a cesarean section have the benefit of helping you regain confidence in movement. They provide support for wound care without having to completely abandon your routine.

Now you know the purpose of postpartum girdles and their advantages. Don't forget to consult with your doctor if you plan to use them.