Four Basic Steps to Correctly Use a Girdle and Take Advantage of All Its Benefits

Four Basic Steps to Correctly Use a Girdle and Take Advantage of All Its Benefits

Knowing the basic steps to use a girdle is synonymous with a good experience with the garment, ensuring you achieve results and take advantage of its multiple benefits. If you have doubts, by the end of this post, you will have full confidence in using Colombian girdles.

Common Myths About Using Girdles

There are 2 major reasons that give rise to myths about the use of girdles:

  • Misinformation when choosing the most suitable garment.
  • Low-quality products that end up harming before helping.

Are girdles uncomfortable and not recommended for use?

False. Perhaps you have heard that girdles are uncomfortable and harmful to the body when they are actually very beneficial garments that you should choose considering your doctor's opinion, in case there is a condition that prevents you from using one.

In many cases, the use of a postoperative girdle for diseases such as scoliosis is practiced, as it provides support to the lumbar area to relieve discomfort and help you maintain an upright posture. For that reason, before trusting rumors that arise from a bad experience, get informed with people who know the subject.

Are they only ideal for chubby and older women?

False. Although it is said that they are exclusive garments for women with love handles or older, in reality, girls of all ages (after the development stage), builds, and even men can use them, as a reinforcement in the back that protects them from hernias due to weight lifting or for exercising.

In this article, I tell you about the advantages of using sports girdles on those days of the month... In other words, the girdle has multiple uses, both aesthetic and functional, but also positively influences female self-esteem, as it helps us shape the figure and have a more friendly relationship with our body, as it allows us to highlight our greatest attributes.

With that said, here are four basic steps to use a girdle correctly:

To put on a Colombian girdle short...

  • Insert your feet into the girdle and check that the side seams are located on the sides of your legs.
  • Pull the girdle up, fitting it well on the hip.
  • Put on both straps and adjust them to your size.
  • Adjust the internal hooks, zip up the girdle, and secure the top hook.

For your convenience, when you need to go to the bathroom, you have a perineal opening with or without a zipper. If you prefer to wear additional panties, you can do so inside the girdle.

To put on a Colombian waist cincher or vest type:

  • Start with a small rehearsal to locate where the rods and the row of hooks should be.
  • Once you know where they go, start fastening the lower end (if it is a high compression girdle, it will help to tuck in the abdomen a bit)
  • Relax your body and continue fastening until you reach the upper end (with patience and calm)
  • Make sure that the rods are exactly on the sides, as close to the hips as possible, and zip up the outer closure of the girdle.

To put on a butt-lift short:

  • Insert both legs into the openings of the short.
  • Try to touch the garment with the tips of your fingers (not with the nails because you can tear the fabric).
  • Pull the short up little by little until you make sure that the buttocks are located within the holes of the garment.

If you follow these steps and choose the most suitable girdle according to your characteristics, it will end up being a fundamental piece in your closet, whether for daily use or for exercising and accelerating sweating.

What should you know if you are going to use a girdle for the first time?

  • Knowing your size is fundamental: Knowing your measurements is key for the girdle to work as you want. Although it is a garment that should fit snugly to the body, you should also be comfortable, so you should never choose a size smaller than you normally use.
  • Don't wait until the last minute to try it on: It's normal that the first time you use a girdle, you may feel that the garment does not fit your body immediately. But if it is your size, you can be sure that it will, only that it is a process.
  • Choose an appropriate time to use it for the first time: This means that you should not try on the girdle right after having eaten a super feast, or at a time when you feel bloated. Better do it in the morning hours, when your body has not yet retained fluid and you are a little lighter.

How to use a girdle to reduce waist size?

Using a girdle to reduce waist size is extremely effective, as long as you lead a healthy lifestyle, which includes good nutrition and frequent exercise. Otherwise, the girdle alone would not do the job.

If you wonder how to use it, first you must choose between two types of Colombian girdles: the daily use and the sports use. The first is made with high compression fabric, called Powernet and lined with cotton internally so that it does not chafe the skin. However, the second is made with latex, also high compression, but for sports use since it accelerates sweating.

How do you put on a girdle for exercise?

Latex sports girdles can be somewhat rigid at first, so it is recommended to do a couple of tests to get the material to adapt to your body before using them to exercise with total comfort.

When putting it on, you must make sure that the side seams are well located on the hips so you can fasten it from the lower end. In this process, the most important thing is that you have patience and your body is relaxed, otherwise, you might think that the girdle is not your size.

How is a postoperative girdle used?

In the case of postoperative or post-surgical girdles, it is essential to have the approval of your treating physician so that the garment can facilitate recovery, whether for cosmetic surgeries or for having recently given birth.

In any case, the girdle can be a great ally because it allows greater security when moving in recovery, improves posture, and provides lumbar support.

Now that you know, enter our store and discover the variety of girdles we have for you to look and feel good...