Girdles for Women Ideal for All Body Types

Girdles for Women Ideal for All Body Types

When we talk about women's girdles, the options are many, as these garments are very versatile and offer multiple benefits. Keep reading to learn about the most common girdles on the market and their benefits for shaping your body and reducing sizes, as well as eliminating lower back issues.

Abdomen, Waist, Buttocks, and Hip Reducing Girdles

There are multiple shapes and models of reducing girdles for women, depending on the specific area you want to work on.

As for girdles for a sagging belly, daily wear waist cinchers made of Powernet fabric are ideal. They help you reduce the middle and lower belly, slim the waist, correct your posture (if you maintain bad positions in your day-to-day) and are almost invisible with most of your outfits.

Abdomen Reducing Girdles for Women

Another option for women's girdles, if you like going to the gym, are those made of latex. Whether you want to reduce waist and abdomen or also end fluid retention. These sports girdles make you sweat a lot, without feeling suffocated, correct posture, and are simply perfect for weight exercises because they protect your back.

You can find them as Colombian latex waist cinchers or vests. The second has an extra if you want to eliminate the love handles on the back, just below the shoulders.

Buttock Lifting Girdles

Buttock lifting girdles are some of the most sought after because they have many advantages, including their comfort. They are perfect for those who are not yet accustomed to wearing women's girdles or want a more comfortable option in their daily routine.

There are various types of buttock lifting girdles: those with internal or external holes (which give a natural look to the buttocks); those with pads to make it look visually larger and those with a buttock lifting effect incorporated into full-body girdles.

The decision is yours when it comes to feeling comfortable and looking the way you want. You can choose between a high-waisted butt-lift short, which in addition to firming the buttocks, will flatten your abdomen and reduce your waist size by several sizes; or an hourglass girdle that covers from mid-leg to the shoulders and gives you a BBL look without surgery.

Both options are very effective for highlighting the buttocks and hips, but also for achieving the hourglass figure, which is why they are also considered girdles for the lower belly.

If you were interested in learning about the "Colombian butt-lifting girdles," take a look at the previous two.

Shaping Girdles for Back Fat

Contrary to what is believed, shaping girdles for women are not only useful for the abdomen, waist, or buttocks; they also help us improve certain parts of the body with which we are not very comfortable, like back fat.

Yes, the same ones that are so difficult to work on or reduce no matter how much you exercise and eat well. The best way to get rid of them is by using women's girdles, but not just any, but the one I will present to you next.

Powernet Vest

One of the most recommended shaping girdles for back fat.

Its advantages?

It helps with posture, shapes the love handles, reduces waist, flattens the abdomen, but even more importantly: it is so comfortable that you can use it for up to 10 hours a day and see incredible results.

Its fabric is breathable, so it will not generate heat and will allow you to keep your back straight, so it also prevents back pain due to poor posture.

Now, if you want a girdle to sweat on the back, you have the option of a latex vest for exercising with a thermal effect.

Arm Girdles

Arm and back girdles are ideal for correcting the flabbiness that appears over the years on the forearms, roughly at the bust level.

They are recommended in conjunction with weight exercise routines that can help us firm the skin and muscle, so that not only does the girdle do its job, but the exercise maintains it for many years.

Now, let's talk about waist shaping girdles

Much is said about Colombian shaping girdles, but how to know which one you should use and what to do to see real results.

To start, waist girdles are among the most effective, but there is a key, and that is consistency. If you want to visibly reduce sizes, you should use it at least 2 hours a day.

Among the girdles for abdomen and waist, we have multiple options. You can choose between waist cinchers or vests (which only cover the abdominal area and part of the back); our butt-lift short that also compresses the waist and lower abdomen, or the full girdles that also help shape hips and thighs.

How do waist-reducing girdles work?

An effective girdle for women is one that you can use more frequently, and for that, it must be very comfortable. To see results more quickly, we recommend using it daily, but also maintaining a balanced diet and avoiding everything that promotes fluid retention.

Remember that the abdomen is one of the areas that inflates the most due to accumulated fluid and is affected by foods that are high in sodium or sugar.

In that case, girdles for the lower abdomen, also known as waist shaping girdles, can help you a lot to avoid inflammation, but it is important that you analyze what kind of food you eat and how to improve until you have a flat abdomen and a small waist.

It is important to say that using girdles to shape the body will always be an excellent option, but you should know that they will not do all the work. Having a good lifestyle is also crucial to see the best results.

Let's talk about leg girdles

Leg girdles are perfect allies if you have chubby thighs or wide hips, they help you avoid uncomfortable chafing in the crotch when you wear dresses or it's very hot. But you should always make sure to use those with silicone endings, because they will be the ones that will not roll up or fold when you sit or change position, the same happens with butt-lifting girdles.

Because no one wants the girdle to be noticed in their favorite dress or to have to be constantly adjusting it so that it does not bother, and this is the way to achieve it.

Are there girdles for plus-size women?

There are Colombian girdles for all body types, now, the key is to use brands that include large sizes. In our case, we have from size XS to 4XL, which will easily adapt to your curves.

As you can see, women's girdles have multiple uses and benefits. Always make sure you are comfortable to get the most out of them.

They will make you proud of your own curves!