Steps to find your size:

Be sure to choose the right size

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1. Take a look of the corresponding chart according to the faja you want.

If it is for daily use, you should look the Powernet chart, if it’s for work out use, use the latex line chart.

2. With a measuring tape, take the measures of your bust, waist and hips.

In the image we leave you a guide with the height of each point where you should measure

3. Compare your measures with the corresponding chart, this way you will know your ideal size for a Colombian faja.

In case that, your measures are between 2 sizes, choose the larger.

Daily use fajas

Be sure to choose the right size so you can wear your favorite faja every day and get amazing results.

The best ally for your recovery

Keep in mind that this faja will help you improve the results of your surgery

Make the most of your workout

Our latex line will help you get the best results

Ready to finally wear a comfortable bra?

Get the most of it choosing the right size, it's perfect for daily use