Why Colombian fajas are the best to get the hourglass body shape?

Why Colombian fajas are the best to get the hourglass body shape?

In this article, we will be going over what to do and what not to do to get the hourglass BBL shapes. You know that genetics play a big role when it comes to your figure. Right?

Some people look naturally awesome with a tiny waist and a huge, wide hip. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot get a beautiful shape like them. Let’s work on that, so you can do a few things to get yourself closer to those hourglass-shaped girls.

How to get an hourglass shape?

The most important thing is that you don’t let your body define you or take over your life. If you are unhappy with yourself, getting that snatched body isn’t going to fix everything or be the ultimate key to happiness because you will always find something else to be unhappy with.

You should already be happy with yourself and your life. If you have a chubby hourglass shape, an hourglass thick body shape, or even a petite hourglass shape, it is possible to make your body look better by using our fajas. Here you can look at our Colombian fajas.

Colombian fajas for hourglass shape body
You should always be on a constant journey of improvement, always struggling to be happy and healthy, so you can get the best version of yourself. That is why we work out, get in shape, or use Colombian fajas to improve our posture.

The hourglass shape is possible without getting a BBL
We are here to enjoy this life, keep that in mind. The first tip that we can give you is do not overwork your abs in your core. Yes, we are talking about doing exercises. Achieving a feminine curve with a smaller waist, softer and not so muscular.

That is possible. For example, fat loss is super important here if you want to get that perfect hourglass body shape. Of course, you may need to lose some fat, not a 15 % body fat. Indeed, many models with hourglass figures are plus-sized and curvy girls. Some of them are not super skinny or super fit and can get an hourglass-shaped body.

Best waist trainer for an hourglass shape
The hourglass shape workout is possible, but it depends on where your body naturally stores size. Your body tends to store fat in the booty and the hips. Those girls have won the fat distribution lottery.

However, if your body tends to store fat around the abdominal area, then you have to work out to start losing that fat fast and see the curve of your waist. We have a latex waist trainer that helps you get there.

What do I need to get a slim hourglass body shape?
To be like those hourglass-shaped women is possible. You can start by burning calories. Yes, burn more calories than you consume. We don’t want you to go crazy counting calories down to the very decimal. However, we believe it is important to be aware of what you eat or put into your body if you want to have a top hourglass body shape.

Pear-shaped vs hourglass: What are the biggest differences?
Nobody’s shape is the same. However, every person does fit into a body shape. You know that it differs according to certain factors like weight gain, muscle gain, your diet, etcetera.

Some people get confused, but a pear-shaped body type and an hourglass type are not the same.

The pear-shaped is a curvy shape, especially when you dress correctly it becomes a sexy shape. The pear literally mimics the name. The narrowest part at the top is your upper body, and the widest part is your hips.

The four characteristics that we can find are:

Larger size on your lower body
Clearly defined waist
Narrower shoulders than hips
Carry weight on your hips and thighs
Measuring your body to understand whether you are an hourglass, or a pear body type is important.
The hourglass measurements are supposed to be 36, 24, and 36 inches. You know that everybody’s shape differs. That is why we believe that there are different body shapes that everybody likes and loves.

If you are still in doubt about what an hourglass body shape looks like, these are the celebrities that are renowned for their hourglass body shape: Halle Berry, Sofia Vergara, Scarlett Johansson, and Beyoncé.

What you need:
A fabric tape measure, wear fitted clothes, then you go for a top that doesn’t squish your chest down. Avoid heavily padded bras, leggings work well for your bottom.

Then get a pen a paper to write your measurements down. If your hip measurements are more than five percent wider than your shoulders or bust, that is a pear body type.

Dressing code for a pear-shaped body
Knowing your body shape is essential to styling. That’s right! If you know your silhouette and how it works with different trends and more important, you need to know the styles you are comfortable in, that’s a key to choosing your clothes for an hourglass shape or a pear shape.

Also knowing the outfits that complement your figure, picking pieces that emphasize a particular part of your body that you want to be more seen, and mixing or matching your clothes and the best dresses to complement each other.

Hopefully, with this knowledge, you know the differences and how to style according to the body shape that you have.