Types of Colombian Girdles Ideal for Shaping Your Figure

Types of Colombian Girdles Ideal for Shaping Your Figure

There are countless types of girdles, but how do you know which ones are ideal according to your goal? Here you will see the best for shaping, reducing, and controlling problematic areas of the body.

To get true results with your Colombian girdle, you must first know which area of the body you want to work on and to what end, as each type of girdle corresponds to a goal.

There are girdles for reducing waist size, love handles on the hips; for lifting buttocks or improving posture. Not all are effective for everything, and by choosing the right girdle, you will also ensure your comfort to wear it often and see changes in a short time.

Let's begin with the types of girdles according to their function:

Colombian Reducing Girdles

These are ideal girdles for reducing measurements, along with a healthy lifestyle that includes good nutrition and exercise.

Colombian reducing girdles help you see results from the first uses. Initially, because under clothes they help us optimize our outfits, eliminate love handles, and control the belly, as well as significantly reduce the waist in seconds.

However, if you use them consistently, you will maintain those results, even without wearing a girdle starting from the second month. The most diligent girls manage to reduce sizes, and there is nothing more satisfying than moving to the second row of clasps.

This type of girdle comes in different models according to the body area. We will show you each one later.

Thermal Girdle

This is mainly used to increase body temperature and facilitate sweating. You can wear it when exercising at the gym or simply when you are at home.

This type of girdle comes in various materials which determine its level of compression, usually latex (high compression) and neoprene girdle (medium compression).

The thermal reducing girdle is an excellent choice if you want to shape your waist and eliminate fluid retention, even if you are not accustomed to wearing this type of garment.

Shaping Girdle

This type of girdle is one of the most common, as it includes all the daily use girdles that we can easily hide under clothes. They come in different models, whether as a waist cincher, girdle shorts, butt-lift shorts, bodysuit type, and others. Their main goal is to eliminate love handles, whether in the abdomen, hips, or back, and they also help with inflammation after cosmetic surgeries.

Generally, post-surgical girdles are shaping, but they come in models with more extensive body coverage, from arm sleeves to knee-length. They are also known as full girdles.

Colombian Latex Girdles

Among the most recognized types of girdles worldwide.

Colombian latex girdles are perfect for exercise routines, both weightlifting and cardiovascular. They help you sweat much more quickly in specific areas and work on those areas that are not easily toned.

They protect your spine from injuries if you do weightlifting at the gym and provide lumbar support, which makes the workout more comfortable. Plus, they are high compression girdles, so with a few uses, you start to see lasting results. In the case of waist cinchers, they can reduce your waist by 6 to 10 centimeters immediately.

Types of Girdles According to Coverage Area

Hourglass Girdle

If you know the hourglass figure, you understand the goal of this type of girdle.

If not, let me explain. The hourglass girdle aims to highlight the curve between the bust, waist, and hips. Therefore, the contour area (right where your bra ends) and the hips (at the buttocks level) are wider than the waist, which ends up being much smaller.

It is one of the most sought-after women's girdles in many countries because its results are spectacular. It comes two sizes smaller at the waist, with non-slip lace at the ends, and with two types of sleeves (sleeveless and adjustable straps that you can remove).

The Silene Fajas hourglass girdle is also completely comfortable, so you can wear it for up to 10 hours a day without discomfort, which cannot be said of some other brands.

If you have searched for "Colombian girdles before and after," with this one, you will see real changes.

Short Girdles

There are two types of short girdles, those that cover from the high back and those that go from the waist to mid-leg. In both cases, they are complete girdles for women that help you shape and reduce measurements daily. You can wear them between 8 and 10 hours a day without feeling discomfort, and they are invisible under clothes.

This is the most effective type of girdle for waist reduction and posture improvement.

Bodysuit Girdle

Bodysuit girdles are also excellent options for everyday wear, as they pair well with short dresses while maintaining the benefits of full girdles.

In our case, we offer two types of bodysuits, one with panties and another with silicone lace, free-breast and strapless.

In both cases, comfort is always on your side.

Bra with Girdle

Many of us have seen how wearing conventional bras can lead to the dreaded fat on the back and arms, which is even more accentuated when we put on any garment.

With our bra with girdle, you forget about that problem, as it covers the entire breast area, lifts your breasts, but does not leave marks and corrects your posture. This is a garment that you can even sleep in and never be uncomfortable.

Clasp Girdles

Some believe that clasp girdles are the most effective for reducing the waist, although it is really a matter of comfort. That's why we have both models for you to choose the most suitable one.

Girdles with external clasps go well with blouses or shirts, while those with internal clasps and an external zipper are perfect with tight-fitting dresses. Therefore, you can choose yours according to the style of clothes you wear most frequently.

Saying that there are slimming girdles is nothing more than a myth. Colombian girdles themselves will not make you lose weight, but they will help you shape your figure and feel that everything is in its place.

If you combine their use with good nutrition and daily exercise routines, you will see better results in less time.

There are Colombian reducing girdles for the abdomen, body reducer girdles, and many other models that help you reduce measurements and prevent fluid accumulation, which sometimes is mistaken for excess fat when it is not.

For this reason, it is important that you know how to choose the one that best suits your figure and your goal.

You won't regret it!