This is what you should know about the Colombian body shaper for women

This is what you should know about the Colombian body shaper for women

Not everybody has money for a BBL. However, the Colombian body shaper for women does the trick. In this article, we will describe the styles of shapewear you can find when surfing the net.

You know that a body shaper is basically to enhance the curves that you already have or if you don’t have any curves, don’t you worry, our best body shaper can create some curves for you.

The best body shaper

This is the one that doesn’t require a huge job when going to the bathroom! That’s right. The intimate opening at the crotch makes it easier. We know it is difficult to find a body shaper that doesn’t slide in your butt, because most of them do so. They tend to roll down or roll up, and we know that is a problem for us women.

The perfect body shaper will flatten your tummy and will make your butt nice without being visible underclothing.

Types of full-body shapers

The variety of body shapers is huge. We can start by mentioning some of them:

  • The seamless strapless thermal body shaper
  • High waisted Colombian shaper
  • Panty Body Shaper with covered back
  • Panty Body Shaper with Brassier
  • Plus Size Body Shaper
  • Body Shaper for men

The seamless strapless thermal:

This one allows your skin to breathe easily and regulate your body temperature. That’s great, isn’t it?

The thermal body shaper is a gym essential. Some of the benefits are:

  1. Thermal
  2. Enhance your gluteus
  3. Molds your hips
  4. Molds your legs

High waisted Colombia shaper:

This one is excellent for a dress and tops because, it is invisible under your clothes. It also shapes your waist, hips, and thighs. But wait, this is not the only thing that it offers. It is very comfortable, and it comes with a wide perineal opening with a zipper. As we say, a must-have in your closet.

Panty body shaper with a covered back:

To have the best quality, this one is made of lycra spandex. It has adjustable straps and a frontal invisible zipper with great back coverage. Also, it helps to enhance your gluteus and reduces your waist.

Panty body shaper with brassier:

The one with a support bra and adjustable straps. It has a panty body short style with silicone lace. Plus, a powernet exterior material lycra and the interior material as well.

Plus Size body shaper:

Sometimes we just want to smooth our body all out and make our outfit the center of attention. Are you excited? I am. You can find a comfortable and a nice plus-size body shaper. Whether you are going to wear a dress or a jean, you can still find the one that fits you nicely.

Body shaper for men:

Some men can gain weight and have protruding tummies. However, there is a body shaper for men in this situation. The one that can help them to look confident. You can find men’s slimming body shapers; these are designed to reduce the appearance of gynecomastia, hide men’s boobs and deal with beer bellies.

That’s awesome, isn’t it? It can also help to improve blood circulation. It all depends on your body shape as well.

What’s my body shape?

There are different body shapes and here we will figure out how to measure your body type. So, let’s get ready and grab your tape measure. We know, most of you are busy and don’t have the time to deal with it. Don’t worry, this is quick! There are four different measurements:

  • Shoulder measurement
  • Bust measurement
  • Waist measurement
  • Hip measurement

Once you have those measurements, you have the tool to figure out what your body type is. That’s cool because now you can consult the size chart or a size calculator to determine yours before purchasing.

When locating your body measurements, women’s body shapes can be determined by using the size chart. This chart is a key to minimizing the return time.

Common types of body shapes

Here we will describe the types of body shapes that we can find.

Inverted triangle body shape:

The first body type we can talk about is the inverted triangle. This is when you look like an upside-down triangle. Your shoulder and bust are going to be larger than your hip measurements.

Triangle body shape:

The triangle body shape is the most common. It is the opposite of the inverted triangle. Your hip measurement is going to be larger than your bust and your shoulder measurement.

Circle body type:

Yes, we have the circle body type also known as the apple type, and this is when your waist is your largest measurement. In other words, your waist is going to be larger than the bust, shoulder, and hips.

Rectangle body shape or banana body shape:

Women’s body shapes are different, and this body shape is a rectangle. When we are boxy, we need to create a waist. Meaning that shoulder, bust, and waist measurements are about the same.

Hourglass body shape:

The opposite of the rectangle shape would be the hourglass shape. It happens when you have very similar measurements with your shoulder, bust, and hips. The waist is clearly defined. In other words, your waist is the narrowest part of your body shape.

Pear body shape:

The pear body shape characteristics are basically defined by having large hips. Meaning that the hips are wider than the bust and shoulders, making it look like a pear.

Whether you are wearing a pant or shorts or even a skirt, focusing on something with a higher rise will help you naturally highlight your overall shape.

Spoon body shape:

Then we have the spoon shape where the hip measurement is much larger than the others, but the waist is prominent.

Do you have a Coke bottle body?

Some bodies will have a contoured shape of a Coca-Cola bottle. Basically, it refers to the curves of a woman’s body. In other words, in a body shaped like a coke bottle, the bust and hips have similar measurements. It is like having an hourglass figure also known as a figure eight figures.

And that will be all for now, folks. Do not hesitate to reach out to us and ask for our products.