For decades, the Colombian shapewear has been used to handle different purposes, from reducing sizes to burning fat and supporting your daily posture. In this article, we take a look at the different models of girdles and teach you all you need to know about them. Keep reading to get the most out of your new corset shapewear!

Shapewear benefits for women

Have you ever thought, “I wish I had shapewear near me” before getting dressed for a job interview? What about that time when you wanted to wear the lovely dress you bought 5 years ago for special occasions, but couldn’t feel comfortable in it anymore?

Colombian shapewear comes in different models and sizes. Their ability to get you out of tricky situations in the dressing room is what makes them a must-have in your closet.

On the other hand, their health benefits range from lumbar support and posture improvement to boosting the effects of working out in the gym and, hence, self-confidence.

How do I know what’s the best shapewear for women?

Easy, the best women’s shapewear is the one that makes you feel the better. Cliché, right? But the truth is that even if finding the best shapewear for women is a common question, one answer won’t fit all cases.

Depending on the shape of your body and the size you generally wear, the perfect fit will vary from one woman to another. However, the factor that determines which girdle works the best for you is no other but the reason why you are looking for a Colombian faja at all. Let’s compare three of the best shapewear models for everyday use:

1. Strapless shapewear bodysuit:

The bodysuit shapewear is a girdle that is wrap around your torso and panty line, acting particularly on your hips and waist. Based on a strapless shapewear bodysuit model, our Strapless Body Shaper is completely invisible under your clothes, helping you reduce measurements without sacrificing comfort.

2. Butt lifter shapewear:

A perfect pair for your favorite jeans or that tube skirt you like to wear when it’s sunny, a butt lifter shapewear like Silene Fajas High Waisted Shorts will define your hips and glutes. Besides, this shapewear avoids that uncomfortable rubbing between your legs at glutes.

3. Strapless shapewear:

Backless shapewear is the kind of girdle you want to wear underneath your favorite top and show off your shoulder blades. At Silene Fajas, we find that the best strapless shapewear should come with adjustable and removable straps. Our Strapless Short Girdle is a must-have, the softness of its Lycra lining makes you want to wear it every day, beneath many outfits.

4. Shapewear for dresses:

Finding the best shapewear for a wedding dress can be difficult, depending on the characteristics of your body and the dress itself. As we mentioned before, wearing butt-lifting shapewear and shapewear bodysuits can be game-changing for your figure, because they work to enhance your attributes due to its soft Latex and Powernet components.

If you are looking to find comfortable shapewear for dresses, and you need a girdle that works invisibly, Silene Fajas Hourglass Girdle is the way to go. Providing additional compression in the abdominal area, this Powernet faja with soft straps and lycra lining doesn’t roll up at all, so it’s the ideal companion for a classic wedding dress.

What about maternity and plus-size shapewear?

Good point. After childbirth, you will need to wear a shapewear bodysuit. Let’s evaluate its importance and, why not, the differences between maternity shapewear and plus-size shapewear for women.

1. Postpartum shapewear:

No matter how you have decided to give birth, the use of maternity shapewear can provide great relief to move more freely, besides providing support in the abdominal area for the emptiness you may experience after childbirth.

Wearing a postpartum girdle right after a cesarean section can even speed up the recovery of your body, while other supporting garments like the Posture Control Bra keep your shoulder blades and breast holding back your posture during daily activities.

2. Shapewear for tummy and waist:

The use of comfortable corset shapewear can help you project the best of you. In the very first months after giving birth, you might feel like you need to find the best shapewear for the tummy and waist since these are areas that were stretched and held liquid for months.

Here is where tummy control shapewear becomes your best ally, as these kinds of girdles offer medium to high compression in the waist and hips. Both Powernet and Latex-based fajas are considered among the best shapewear out there because of their quality.

Ensuring gentle pressure in sensitive areas, tummy control shapewear like the Armhole Sleeve Short Girdle gives you control and ongoing shaping during the day. Thanks to its wide coverage, you will feel comfortable and secure around the abdominal area.

3. Plus size shapewear:

Shapewear for women varies not only in models and purposes but also in sizes because a single one won’t fit all. There are as many body types as women in this world, so at Silene Fajas, we care about offering a wide range of sizes to help you find the best plus-size shapewear you can get.

To discover the ideal shapewear, plus-size women must know which female body type matches their own characteristics. If you are not sure about yours, check our measurement chart to learn sizes and discover the one that corresponds with your attributes.

A plus-size body shaper is ideal for defining the waistline and will help your curves stand out immediately.