The Best Girdles for Exercising and Reducing Sizes Faster

The Best Girdles for Exercising and Reducing Sizes Faster

Among the girdles for exercising, these are the most effective for increasing sweating and combating fluid retention. If you're looking to reduce sizes and shape your body, you can include them in your gym routines and see the best results.

Our women's sports girdles are made with smart fabrics that work with a thermal effect, which increases body temperature while shaping your body. There are different models available depending on the area you want to target.

Some benefits of the women's sports girdle

Depending on the model and area to work on, women's exercise girdles have multiple advantages:

  • Reduce waist size
  • Flatten the abdomen
  • Shape back fat
  • Combat fluid retention
  • Provide lumbar support
  • Protect the spine during weight exercises
  • Correct posture
  • Relieve back pain
  • Offer greater comfort in the lower belly during menstruation days

Women's Gym Girdles

Wasp Waist Girdle

One of our customers' favorite waist-shaping girdles. It reduces the waist by 4 to 6 centimeters instantly, flattens the abdomen, and supports the lower back for weight exercises, which is why it's also sought after as a weightlifting girdle.

It gives a comfortable corset girdle effect and is skin-friendly, so you won't want to stop wearing it on days when you feel more bloated.

Women's Vest Girdle

Among the gym girdles, one of the most effective models is the latex vest for several reasons: Firstly, the vest girdle protects your back, both lower and upper, promotes good posture, and shapes the fat under the shoulders, thanks to its sleeveless cut. Its thermal effect makes you sweat much more and provides support for muscle-strengthening exercises.

Another advantage of this type of gym girdle is that it goes well not only with sporty outfits, so you can wear them in your day-to-day with more formal blouses, and no one will know they are really for exercising, while you take the opportunity to shape your waist for some extra time.

What should you know about the compression level of exercise girdles?

Sports girdles, even with a thermal effect, have different compression levels according to the type of material they are made of. If you want to start using girdles to reduce your waist, we recommend those with medium compression, made of neoprene fabric, like those from our active line.

However, if you're looking for women's exercise girdles that show results more quickly, we recommend the famous latex girdles, made with comfortable internal fabric that doesn't damage your skin, with metal rods that help you maintain the correct posture and high compression to shape your waist from the first time you use it.

If, in addition to gym girdles, you want to see butt-lifting garments, take a look at this.

Are there girdles for weight loss?

While sweating girdles have multiple benefits, weight loss is more a consequence of their use, not a direct advantage.

What does this mean? That if you use gym girdles, you may lose fluid that appears to be accumulated fat, but if you want to formally lose weight, you will also need to maintain a healthy diet and exercise physically until you generate a caloric deficit that allows you to burn fat.

In this case, in addition to using sports girdles for women, we recommend those for everyday use.

Are there gym girdles for men?

Of course! The difference between women's girdles and men's exercise girdles lies in the fabric they are produced with. Men's girdles aim to maximize sweating, not to shape the waist.

Types of Waist Girdles

The best girdles for shaping the waist are those that focus on the core area, which goes from the abdominal muscles to the pelvis, which is why there is the daily use waist girdle made of Powernet, in addition to leather girdles for the gym or latex ones.

The daily use ones can be easily hidden under your clothes, keep you in good posture, reduce waist size, and flatten the abdomen. They are also available as waist girdles and vests to cover the upper back.

As you can see, exercise girdles have many advantages that can help you look the way you want and lead a healthier lifestyle if you suffer from back conditions.

Don't miss the opportunity to combine their use with good nutrition and physical exercise... You'll see life-changing results.