Did you know that wearing a specific post-op compression garment promotes self-healing after surgery? Regardless of the nature of your plastic surgery, a post-surgery compression garments are always a good addition to your wardrobe. This will teach you everything you need to know about compression garments to ensure ideal results.

What you should know about post-surgery compression garments

The compression that post-surgery fajas provide support for your body to eliminate the excess fluids. By reducing overall swelling, these fajas prevent the formation of scars and help your body to achieve successfully the ideal results you were looking for in the first place.

Why you should wear compression garments after a tummy tuck?

In general, all post-surgery compression garments are designed to help the body recover faster by minimizing swelling during the healing process.

Let’s say you just came out of a chin lipo surgery; in this case, the best chin liposuction compression garment is going to be designed to adjust the compression level gradually, as this helps control swelling and stick back the skin to your muscles.

As you can see, it is vital that you take some time to learn more about your recovery, as every post-surgery compression garment is going to help with specific cases. If you’re looking for compression garments after a tummy tuck, Silene’s Armhole Body Shaper is a good option since its mid-thigh is lined with soft materials in the interior.

This model is gentle to the skin and keeps your body cool at the same time, thanks to its exterior design using high-compression Powernet fabrics.

How to choose a compression garment after a tummy tuck?

When you’re looking to find the best compression garment after a tummy tuck, one of the most common questions that arise is whether fajas really work after surgery.

To answer this, it is important you bear in mind that wearing shapewear as instructed by your doctor can prevent infections and create definitive results, as long as you keep your compression garments clean and wear them properly.

Some studies have shown that wearing a girdle can redistribute body fats to the right places, make you look slimmer, and help your body recover faster after surgery. In any case, using a compression garment like our Body Shaper with Armhole Sleeves and Pantyhose right after a tummy tuck will provide medical support without sacrificing comfort, helping you straighten your posture and feel secure at the same time.

What are the best medical compression garments?

Compression garments come in a wide range of models, depending on the part of the body they aim to fit. Using a compression garment is ideal for post-surgery care.

Some doctors recommend wearing an abdominal binder for comfort, while others think that a full-body compression garment will bring better results if you’re aiming to heal the abdominal area, breasts, legs, or even arms. In any case, your final choice has to be driven by taking your body attributes and needs into account.

Most medical compression garments with focus in the upper body will provide great firmness, and will be comfortable to wear under your clothes if the materials are soft and long-lasting.

Does every post-surgery compression garment rolls down?

Nope. It’s possible to find a post-surgery compression garment that doesn’t roll down if you know what to look for. A Colombian girdle with comfortable straps, for instance, is the best option to prevent the compression garment from rolling up or down.

You need to make sure its legs are made from elastic fabrics. Whether you opt for a faja with adjustable straps or one with fixed straps, the tightness of this medical compression garment should help you feel secure from day one.

Compression garments after liposuction: What you need to know

A post lipo compression garment is recommended to be worn right after a liposuction surgery, as they play an essential role in post-op recovery, during the first several weeks.

However, other compression garments have become very popular among athletes too, as the shapewear cover from the waist to mid or lower thigh, very similar to the models used by cyclists.

Medical compression garment must be worn 24/7. That’s right, including night hours. This is because your body needs time to recover, and shapewear will provide the support you need to avoid unnecessary pain and heal quicker.

In fact, it’s recommended that you only take off your post lipo compression garment when you’re changing clothes or taking a shower, so investing in a good quality garment is a good choice.

Silene Fajas’s High-Waisted Shorts are a good option, and if you feel comfortable with the model you buy, our advice is to get two at once. That way, you’ll have a faja for changing between uses.

Some benefits of wearing a post-surgical compression garments

  • Enhance results: Wearing a liposuction compression garment like Silene’s Armhole Mid-thigh Body Shaper will hold everything in place, minimizing skin rippling and the formation of bumps or keloid scars.

However, always remember that a post-surgical compression garment should be only tight enough to feel the tightness, without being overly restrictive to prevent you from maintaining your daily routines.

  • Multipurpose: Stage 2 compression garments are tailor-made specifically for your needs, but can also be worn as waist trainers. A surgical compression garment can be useful even long after your post-op recovery has ended. This way, you’ll keep your shapewear partner to maintain your body silhouette when it has finished doing its job as medical support.

Avoid unnecessary pain: Compression garments will reduce the risk of bruising and hurting your skin after a surgery. In addition to improve the recovery process, shapewear’s pressure can help ease post-op pain, besides avoiding discomfort.

Choosing a faja: Post-op tummy tuck binder vs. other compression garments

High-quality compression garments are designed with one purpose in mind: to support your post-op process. These fajas also known as post-op tummy tuck compression garment, will provide as much support and benefits as traditional ones, on top of benefit from avoid additional pain and healing in a natural pace.

In the other hand, a bbl compression garment is mainly used after a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, which is a plastic surgery that uses fat from your own body into your buttocks.