Fajas Colombianas: Why should you try them?

Fajas Colombianas: Why should you try them?

The Fajas Colombianas are shapewears that provide results without painful surgery or long recovery times, that help contour difficult areas of the body. This article will give you an overall view about Colombian fajas, to pair this new shapewear with healthy habits and make an informed decision to tighten and smooth out your body!

First things first: What is a faja?

The widely known “fajas colombianas” is a garment used for compressing and supporting parts of your body. There are many types of fajas shapewear that provide a wide range of benefits when they’re worn properly, from burning fat faster to helping with back support and beyond.

So, the Colombian faja can be used to strengthen your posture and lower back muscles, or to help reduce appetite if you’re looking to reduce sizes. Some sport girdles are meant to be worn while working out, and thanks to its thermogenic effect on the abdomen, can help you burn fat quicker.

The benefits of using Colombian fajas

You don’t need to come back from surgery to use a Colombian faja, that’s a myth! On the contrary, most faja shapewear and waist trainers can be used on an everyday basis.

Wearing a faja colombiana can provide additional control in your abdominal area, to make your waistline look slimmer by applying overall compression.

However, if you’re looking for “fajas near me” remember that girdles will help you drop measurements. And that losing weight is an effect you’ll achieve only if you commit to a daily exercise routine and tailor-made diet, always with the support of a specialist.

This is because faja shapewear is designed to be an ally rather than a magic wand: the girdle effect is mainly visual, but if you don’t incorporate healthier habits, your weight will remain the same.

Colombian faja: Many types to choose from

1. The bbl faja:

The Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is a common practice that uses fat from your own body to enlarge the size of your buttocks. As it can take up to six months for results from a BBL to be fully realized, wearing a bbl faja like the Hourglass Girdle can help you achieve better results and overcome this specific post-surgery process. Plus, if you choose a model with adjustable straps, you’ll get additional back support!

2. The stage 2 faja:

Stage 2 fajas need to be worn to continue shaping your body after surgery. The general idea is to use stage 1 fajas right after plastic surgery for at least 6 weeks, and change to a full body faja colombiana made with softer fabric materials after those have passed. In order to achieve better results, you’ll need to keep wearing your stage 2 faja shapewear, on a daily basis, at least for a total of six more weeks.

3. The postpartum faja:

Shapewear comes in many sizes and models, and full body faja shapers are designed to fit new moms as well. Compression garments like our High-Waisted Shorts with Internal Holes are made of nylon, latex or spandex, and can help to ease pain and accelerate your recovery after a Cesarean section, and wearing them is particularly useful from 3-5 days after childbirth.

The benefits of wearing fajas postpartum, made them a must-have garment to include in your to-buy list before giving birth. Just remember that pregnancy and recovery are unique processes to every mom, and you should consult with your doctor before buying any postpartum faja to make a more informed decision.

4. The faja shaper:

To shape your body in the long term, a faja body shaper will act particularly on your hips and waist. Based on a strapless faja shapewear bodysuit model, Silene fajas’s Strapless Body with Lace will wrap around your torso and panty line, while being completely invisible under your clothes! This helps reduce measurements without sacrificing comfort.

Top 3 reasons to wear a faja waist trainer

You might be wondering, what are the benefits of having a faja near me? After exploring the multiple reasons fajas have become a must-have piece in any closet, we summarized our favorite top three to wear a compression garment like the faja waist trainer:

  • Support your back: Wearing a faja strengthens the posture and helps support lower back muscles. Additionally, the use of a faja waist trainer can reduce appetite and help burn fat quicker when used as a working out accessory, thanks to its thermogenic effect.
  • Train your waist: Some girdles are designed with focus in defining the waistline, particularly in the lower back area. A faja garment made in Colombia like the Latex Waist Cincher or the Powernet Waist Cincher uses high-quality latex is an excellent option to train your waist.

Straighten your posture: The tightness of most faja waist trainer models will help you maintain a straight posture without putting your health or comfort at risk.

Now that you know all you need about shapewear types and the benefits of wearing Fajas Colombianas, you can be confident when searching “faja Colombiana near me”! At Silene, we have a wide range of faja garments that will help you achieve any goal you’ve settled for this year.