Best waist training secrets: How to take advantage of your faja

Best waist training secrets: How to take advantage of your faja

Have you just committed to the journey waist training? Awesome. The next step you need to take is learning how to make the most out of it. This article will reveal the secrets to find the best waist training methods to make sure it is helping you succeed from day one.

What you should know about women’s waist trainers:

The benefits of wearing a girdle or faja will vary, depending on how they were made and the use you give it. Common that when somebody looks up ‘women waist trainer’, their ultimate goal is to change the way some attributes of their abdomen area look under particular circumstances.

Helping yourself with the proper garment can boost your confidence; the trick is to see it from a positive perspective.

Let’s think of a scenario where you’re looking to feel better for a job interview, wearing your favorite blouse. Using a waist trainer like our Latex Shaper Vest will enhance your body attributes without sacrificing comfort, helping you straighten your posture and feel prettier at once.

Does waist training work?

Yes. Training your waist with a faja will definitely help you mold your figure in the long run as long as you work out regularly and couple it with a balanced diet. In fact, the effectiveness of waist training can generate results in just a few weeks.

Take the time to find the right faja for you by defining your goal. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for an occasional girdle to show off your lovely curves or a long-term companion to build a better posture. The important thing is that when it comes to waist training, you pay absolute attention to your body and keep an eye on its signs.

For example, the beginning of motherhood is one of the most memorable moments for some women. A postpartum waist trainer (also known as a postpartum girdle or faja) will provide the support they need to regain self-esteem and beat this carousel of emotions.

Low-compression girdles like our Powernet Waist Cincher allow your body to remember its original shape. This kind of faja also serves to prevent fluid accumulation in particular areas of your abdomen and helps you overtake the feeling of emptiness after childbirth.

What is the best waist trainer for weight loss?

When we speak about compression, we know waist trainers’ primary function is to squeeze the abdomen. This is when your waistline looks smaller without achieving a permanent effect that will prevent your belly from bouncing back into place. Suppose you are looking to lose some weight. In that case, the ideal scenario is to find the best waist trainer corset to pair with a rigorous routine of exercises, either at home or at the gym.

Evaluate how a girdle will make you feel about yourself. At Silene Fajas, we like to think of waist trainer fajas as a reliable garment that maximizes your efforts, rather than an enchanted object that will work out for you.

The best waist trainer for weight loss is the one that helps you see results faster, like our Latex Waist Cincher. A faja made with quality materials increases the temperature in your abdominal area, making your fitness routines easier to handle.

How long should you wear a waist trainer?

This might be one of the most common questions when we speak about waist trainer corsets. The answer is pretty much linked to the use you are giving it in your everyday life, as proper usage and keeping a balanced diet are indispensable for a waist trainer to work the way you expect.

Give your new corset some time to adapt to your body and the other way around. A clever way to start this journey is wearing your waist trainer for periods of 2 to 3 hours per day. This is because your body needs time to get used to the compression of wearing a waist trainer, so wearing at this pace during the first week will avoid unnecessary discomfort.

You will see how the boning and fabric will mold themselves to your shape over time, training your waist in a more comfortable and pleasant way. If you take the short route and wear your waist trainer for longer, you will spoil it.

Running too fast and too soon is not going to help you achieve a thinner waistline quicker. On the contrary, it can hurt your body very badly.

Can you sleep in a waist trainer?

It depends on the type of girdle you have. See, sleeping with a waist trainer might have multiple benefits due to the time you spend wearing the garment. However, you must keep an eye on your body signs and evaluate how comfortable you feel at night. Most of the issues of wearing a faja during night hours are related to the lack of rest rather than the garment itself.

You want to look up to sleep in a waist trainer made with soft fabrics and quality materials to ensure restful hours at night. For example, Silene’s comfort line of girdles provides options with medium to low compression. These fajas will help shape your body without sacrificing your sleeping hours, as long as you feel comfortable wearing them.

Immediate waist training results? Yes, as long as you are wearing a Colombian faja

As you might know, Colombian fajas are a boom in the United States. This trend has grown in recent years thanks to glamor icons such as Kim Kardashian, who are in love with the latex quality materials used in Colombian shapewear and promote on Instagram its use as a must-have garment.

With the seal of “made in Colombia”, fajas continue to consolidate an expanding industry worldwide. And yes, you guessed it; quality is what marks the difference between any girdle and a Colombian waist trainer.

To achieve your goal and get waist training results, your new piece of garment needs to become an ally. That means supporting your back during work out sessions, and taking care of your skin above all.

Genuine Colombian shapewear will boost your waist training. The high-grade fabrics and boning materials they’re made with will accelerate sweating and improve the process of burning fat without damaging or irritating your skin.

Now you need to find your faja. Look for “waist trainer near me”!

When it comes to dressing, shapewear and fajas offer infinite possibilities to choose from. If you are thinking “How do I find a waist trainer near me?” and you live in the United States, today is your lucky day.

Inspired by the need of looking good and feeling better, Silene Fajas is committed to make comfortable garments for all body types. Located in Miami, Florida they offer international shipping for all kinds of Colombian shapewear: waist trainers, sport fajas, corset girdles, you name it.

Are there men’s waist trainers?

Of course there are. And not only a few, but plenty of brands offer waist training corsets for men. As we mentioned before, the popularity of waist training has grown in recent years, so naturally it has reached not only the female beauty and fitness industries, but also the male marked worldwide.

Wearing a sports girdle allows anyone from showing a flatter abdominal area to growing thinner their waistline for a few inches. The real question is not whether there are waist trainers for men, but rather, can a man achieve the same results using it?

By and large, men who perform heavy work-outs where it is necessary to apply force use sport girdles or fajas to support their lower back area. This is a common practice that prevents the development of hernias, assisting their body to focus this effort in a healthier way.

On the other hand, a similar process occurs in women who spend hours in a seated position at the office or home. Waist training can help anyone correct their posture, and even prevent cervical problems, regardless of their sex.

What is the best waist trainer for men?

In general, men tend to have a more rectangular-shaped body, without many curves. The main difference between male and female bodies is that, naturally, men’s waistline is not exactly hourglass. That’s why finding the best waist trainer for men can be a thing.

Male bodies usually have a broader shape around the shoulders and their torsos are longer, in contrast to the female torso, traditionally shorter. This is why several corset manufactures have designed models that fit the male torso instead, ensuring the waist trainer corset backs the abdomen area without spreading off the hips.

High-quality waist trainers for men are designed taking into account all of these differences. Providing as much support and benefits as traditional female girdles, made to fit the male body.

Just remember, once you have selected the best waist trainer to do the job, you must wear it for an average of 3 hours per day during the first couple of weeks to get used to it.